The best way to prove our skills is by looking at the results of our work. In the last few years, we have developed a significant customer base, building shops all over the world. From Europe to the US and even the UAE, our customers are everywhere. From Brand stores to wholesalers, B2C or B2B, Enterprise level or start-ups, our developers have built them all.

We are very proud of each shop we build, but we are even more proud of the results we managed to establish with our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot share the names of some of our clients, but please have a look at those cases we can share with you.


Thanks to the professional team of Hatimeria, we optimized the process, costs and time efficiency, leading to more projects getting done in the same time, and with that increasing revenue and profitability of our shops.

Joery van Rooij - development manager Any Lamp BV

  • Joery van Rooij - development manager Any Lamp BV

    Some shops and solutions we build commissioned by our development partners. These leading agencies in e-commerce and business development, sometimes need a strong technological partner or just some extra hands to help out with their projects. We at Hatimeria are happy to provide such services. Working together with their local teams, we deliver a solution which is satisfying for both our and their customer.

    Are you an e-commerce agency looking for a strong technology and development partner? Do not hesitate to contact us today, we would like to meet you.



    Hatimeria is not just a company name. It is the people behind it who make the projects successful. Meet our group of team leaders. These Hatimers are each leading one of the development teams, coordinating and managing the team’s daily work and providing them with their needs.

    They are the experts, teaching their team members all the skills they need to build a successful e-commerce business for you. Would you like to join our team or become a team leader? Contact us!

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