Anylamp Case Study

Any-Lamp BV is Europe’s biggest online lighting re-seller.
With more than 17 Magento based shops in 14 countries and 11 languages,
Any-Lamp is Europe’s leading online lighting business.

Thanks to the professional team of Hatimeria, we optimized the process, costs and time efficiency, leading to more projects getting done in the same time, and with that increasing revenue and profitability of our shops.

  • 1.
    business scaling with us

    The client’s business grows by 50%+ annually, same goes to the team.  Currently Any-Lamp hires 5 Hatimeria’s team members and we keep hiring. Backend/Frontend developers, Tester, Technical Project Manager - help organizing business processes with IT staff involved and dedicated only to Any-Lamp activities.
  • 2.
    conversion doubled

    Lean development practices help us constantly deliver new features that really count for the business. Smooth full site redesign delivered in less than a month, resulted in double conversion rate. New way of selling and finding products online, makes Any-Lamp’s clients’ experience better every day.
  • 3.
    optimized processes

    Development process optimization and involvement of automated tools help optimize cost of the team management while scaling up the cooperation. Scaling the team is much easier and more cost effective, thanks to semi-automated development, staging environments creation and testing tools.
  • 4.
    Regular meetings

    To ensure good cooperation, every month Any-Lamp’s or Hatimeria’s team is travelling to work on-site in Eindhoven/Krakow. Kanban/Scrum based projects minimize meetings' time and keep the level of effectiveness.

With highly skilled developers of Hatimeria, we were able to create and implement new ideas in a fast, high quality, bug free, and efficient way.

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