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  • Bartosz Zakręta - Owner & Team Leader

    Bartosz Zakręta

    Owner & Team Leader

    Bartosz is a co-owner of Hatimeria. He has 11 years of experience and is an expert in Back-End development. As a technical team-leader he succesfully manages the biggest and most challenging projects. He works with PHP, MySQL, Symfony, and many others. His knowledge in being a team leader, helps him manage many difficult and large projects with great success.

    Skype: hatimeria.bartosz.zakreta E-mail: bartosz.zakreta@hatimeria.com
  • Anna Wilczyńska - Account manager

    Anna Wilczynska

    Account manager

    Anna is an account manager and a board member. Her primary responsibility is financial administration. Besides, Anna is also responsible for relations with Polish and international clients.
    She manages the clients’ accounts and makes sure that work is done properly and in a timely manner.

    Skype: hatimeria.anna.wilczynska E-mail: anna.wilczynska@hatimeria.com
  • Michał Wujas - Owner & Team Leader

    Michał Wujas

    Owner & Team Leader

    Michał is a co-owner of Hatimeria. He has 11 years of experience and mostly works with Java and Java Script in Spring and ExtJS frameworks. He is an experienced Team Leader managing learge teams of international developers. He is responsible for development, improvement and growth of Enterprise Software. He is also in charge of team building. Michał provides consulting and problem solutions services for the company.

    Skype: michal.wujas1 E-mail: michal.wujas@hatimeria.com
  • Thomas Tanner - Client service representative

    Thomas Tanner

    Swiss Location Manager and Business Development

    Thomas is the contact person for new customers from German-speaking areas. Active in the ICT realm for 10 years, his education background is Computer Science and Business Administration. During initiation and planning of projects, he records business requirements and leads the developers. He provides consulting for customers’ business models and eCommerce solutions.

    Skype: hatimeria.thomas.tanner E-mail: thomas.tanner@hatimeria.ch
  • Jamie Schouren

    Board Member

    Jamie is an expert in managing big companies and improving relationship with customers. She’s also an e-commerce lover and certified Magento Solution Specialist. Jamie is responsible for setting up the Dutch branch of our company and spreading a word about Hatimeria!

    E-mail: jamie.schouren@hatimeria.com


  • Witold Janusik - Magento Team Leader

    Witold Janusik

    Magento Team Leader

    Witold is Senior Back-End Developer with over 10 years of experience. He is working with Symfony, Symfony2, Git, MySQL, Ruby, Bash, and Python. Advanced projects, in Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise using PHP, are his specialty. Excellent knowledge and leadership skills allow him to find the best and most updated solutions, as well as find and solve problems at a very fast pace.

    Skype: php.freak E-mail: witold.janusik@hatimeria.com
  • Zbigniew Łabacz - Senior Magento Developer

    Zbigniew Łabacz

    Senior Magento Developer

    Zbigniew works as a Full Stack Developer. He has 14 years of experience. His advanced knowledge in Front-End helps him with the toughest projects. Zbigniew specializes in Debian, PHP, JavaScript, Git and HTML5 with Magento technology. In 2014, Zbigniew received Magento Developer Plus Ceritficate.

    Skype: zbigniew.labacz E-mail: zbigniew.labacz@hatimeria.com
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  • Agnieszka Żemojtel - Senior Front End developer

    Aga Żemojtel

    Senior Front End developer

    Aga has 11 years of experience. Expert in CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, LESS and SASS. She also works with CSS, jQuery, PHP, and JS. Agnieszka developed many webpages based on WordPress. Most of her recent projects involve creating shops based on Tradoro, Magento, and Prestashop. She has received Magento Front-End Developer Certificate.

    Skype: aga.hatimeria E-mail: agnieszka.zemojtel@hatimeria.com
  • Jarosław Kafno - Front End developer

    Jarosław Kafno

    Front End developer

    Jarosław is Front-End Developer with 4 years of experience. His projects mostly involve WordPress, Joolma, with the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. He is also familiar with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and PHP. Jarosław is working with Magento and Django systems.

    Skype: jaroslaw.kafno.hatimeria E-mail: jaroslaw.kafno@hatimeria.com
  • Marcin Siwak - Java Developer

    Marcin Siwak

    Java Developer

    Marcin is working with Spring Framework, Spring hibernate, REST services, SQL, JavaScript, LDAP, and many more. He was a co-developer of the e-learning system at The School of Banking and Management, Krakow, Poland. Most of his work is concentrated on Back-End development. Speaks English, German, and Polish. In 2013, he received Spring Professional Certficate.

    Skype: marcin_siwak E-mail: marcin.siwak@hatimeria.com
  • "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

    Coach Phil Jackson, professional basketball executive, former coach and former player
  • Bartosz Krawczyk - Magento Back end developer

    Bartosz Krawczyk

    Magento Back end developer

    Bartosz is working as Back-End PHP Developer. Extensions and debugging are his specialties. He has previous experience with computer graphics and content of the website. Bartosz graduated from Jagiellonian University, where he received Bachelor of Science in Electronic Data Processing. Speaks English, German, and Polish. He received Magento Developer Certificate.

    Skype: live:bartosz.krawczyk_1 E-mail: bartosz.krawczyk@hatimeria.com
  • Dawid Udziela - Magento Developer

    Dawid Udziela

    Magento Developer

    Dawid is Back-End Magento Developer. He has 3 years of experience using PHP, jQuery, and MySQL. Building stores from scratch, implementing, creating extensions, and improving existing applications are his main pluses. Complicated back-end tasks are what he is keen on.

    Skype: dawid.udziela E-mail: dawid.udziela@hatimeria.com
  • Damian Tomczak - Senior Magento Developer

    Damian Tomczak

    Senior Magento Developer

    Damian is a Back-End Magento Developer. He has over 7 years of experience in GIT, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, JS, CSS3, and SASS. Over 4 years ago, Damian has started to work with Magento. He specializes in creating modules and coding layouts. Damian received Magento Developer Plus Certificate. In his free time, he works on Symfony 2.

    Skype: live:tomczak.damian E-mail: damian.tomczak@hatimeria.com
  • Grzegorz Kopeć - Magento Developer

    Grzegorz Kopeć

    Magento Developer

    Grzegorz is a Back-End Developer with over 6 years of experience. He works mostly in PHP, but he’s also familiar with fronted technologies like JavaScript and HTML. Grzegorz has a knowlegde of database system like MySQL and Oracle. He specializes in Magento, CodeIgniter and still extends his skills in Symfony 2. Grzegorz is OMG Certified UML Professional.

    Skype: grzegorz.kopec.hatimeria E-mail: grzegorz.kopec@hatimeria.com
  • Artur Jewuła - Magento Developer

    Artur Jewuła

    Magento Developer

    Artur is an experienced full stack developer with a special focus on back-end development. His expertise in back-end technology is supported with 6 years of experience in PHP and 4 years of experience in Magento. Front-end technology skills such as JavaScript and HTML constantly polished up during 6 years of project experience enable Artur a holistic web development. Having a PhD in Philosophy, in his spare time, Artur enjoys developing his philosophical interests.

    Skype: hatimeria.arturjewula E-mail: artur.jewula@hatimeria.com
  • Alexander Bordun - Back End Developer

    Alexander Bordun

    Back End Developer

    Alexander is working as Back-End PHP Developer with 5 years of experience. He is specializing in process automation, Docker and server management. He has received degree in Economic Cybernetics from Poltava National Technical University. Speaks English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.

    Skype: hatimeria.alex.bordun E-mail: alex.bordun@hatimeria.com
  • Monika Petrosjan - Office Manager

    Monika Petrosjan

    Office Manager

    She has over 2 years of experience in management. Monika is responsible for the organizational aspects of the office. Making sure that all administrative activities are running smoothly and effectively is her everyday job. Speaks English and Polish.

    Skype: hatimeria.monika.petrosjan E-mail: monika.petrosjan@hatimeria.com
  • Sylwia Miśkowiec - QA Tester

    Sylwia Miskowiec

    QA Tester

    Sylwia makes sure the solutions we provide are prepared with no defects. Sylwia is responsible for bugs elimination and she is really great in that. Apart from deepening the knowledge in QA testing at work, she strengthens her skills in front and back end development during studies at the Jagiellonian University.

    Skype: hatimeria.sylwia.miskowiec E-mail: sylwia.miskowiec@hatimeria.com
  • Grzegorz Nosek - DevOps

    Grzegorz Nosek

    System Administrator

    For the past 15 years Grzegorz has been setting up, breaking, fixing, programming, optimizing, debugging, managing, automating and generally messing with linux servers. He will be happy to participate in any project which involves eating pizza though.

    Skype: root__localdomain_pl E-mail: grzegorz.nosek@hatimeria.com
  • Alicja Krawczyk - User Experience Designer

    Alicja Krawczyk

    User Experience Designer

    A dedicated UX & Graphic designer. Takes care about complex visual identity issues of the company at any field. When there is a need to set up the photo session or build the concept video - she simply does that. And still, really likes talking to clients.

    Skype: hatimeria.alicja.krawczyk E-mail: alicja.krawczyk@hatimeria.com
  • Patryk Bartkiewicz - Magento Team Leader

    Patryk Bartkiewicz

    Magento Team Leader

    Patryk is a web developer and a team manager with over 6 years of experience. During this time, he has been building business applications from scratch, as well as based on existing solutions. He’s also keen on such programming languages as Java, C and C++.

    Skype: patryk.bartkiewicz.hatimeria E-mail: patryk.bartkiewicz@hatimeria.com
  • Konrad Konieczny - Magento intern

    Konrad Konieczny

    Magento Trainee

    Konrad has been working with PHP and Magento for over a year now. He has also experience with writing in C++ and is interested in experimental physics in which he got his Bachelor degree. Besides developing Magento projects, he takes care of our daily dose of good music, as he graduated from Music Academy.

    Skype: hatimeria.konrad.konieczny E-mail: konrad.konieczny@hatimeria.com
  • Jarosław Kantorowicz

    Senior PHP Developer

    Jarosław has more than 10 years of experience in the development and optimization of complex e-commerce systems. He has been also managing a team for 5 years. Specializes in system architecture and performance optimization.

    E-mail: jaroslaw.kantorowicz@hatimeria.pl
  • Janusz Dec

    Senior Magento Developer

    Janusz has been improving his skills in PHP, MySQL, HTML and JS for more than 7 years. He began his journey with Magento 4 years ago. He can build project from scratch as well as help with maintenance of existing solutions. Magento Certified Developer since 2015.

    E-mail: janusz.dec@hatimeria.pl
  • Mateusz Tofilski

    Magento Developer

    Mateusz has six years of commercial experience in PHP and JavaScript programming. He’s an expert in PHP and JS frameworks such as Codeigniter 3, Symfony3 and jQuery. Mateusz is also interested in everything connected to new technologies and theoretical physics.

    E-mail: mateusz.tofilski@hatimeria.pl
  • Kamil Cioś

    PHP Developer

    Kamil works mainly with Magento and PHP. He is also interested in JS and Python. He supports our QA team in daily bugs extermination. Always ready for new challenges.

    E-mail: kamil.cios@hatimeria.pl
  • Natalia Wirkijowska

    Junior Front-End Developer

    Natalia is responsible for making every website look elegant and original at the same time. She started creating web pages at a really young age and has been improving ever since. HTML, CSS, Sass and Less are her main areas of work. She is also familiar with JS, JQuery, PHP and MySQL.

    E-mail: natalia.wirkijowska@hatimeria.pl
  • Jakub Mirocha

    QA Tester

    Jakub tries to detect and eliminate every existing bug by all means. Works mainly with Magento, JS, HTML and CSS, but is always interested in learning new technologies. Apart from making sure that everything works smoothly, he also studies Electronic Processing of Data at the Jagiellonian University.

    E-mail: jakub.mirocha@hatimeria.pl


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