Performance testing

Functional testing is really important, but in order to be ahead of your competition, you also need to pay attention to your site’s performance. Thanks to load and stress testing, you’ll be able to tell where your site needs improvements in order to generate more traffic and – in result – orders.

Load testing

While performing load testing, we are checking how much traffic can your servers handle. We can see where are the weakest points and do everything to improve it. You’ll be amazed, how fast your site can be!

Stress testing

Stress testing is usually used to generate extreme traffic to see how your system can manage it and how quickly it can go back to normal state. During this kind of testing we often can observe problems connected to possible memory leaks or security issues and data corrupton.


What’s in it for you


You’re gaining control on what’s exactly happening on your site. You’ll be aware of your strength and weaknesses, and able to use it in your favour.


Security is one of the most important aspects of every respected site. Checking site’s performance is just one of the many activities we perform, to make your business completely safe.

More customers

It’s surprising how easy it is to irritate customer by forcing him to wait for too long. We make sure that you won’t have to worry about such case at all.

More orders

As everyone knows, time equals money. Faster site will attract more customers who will be willing to make orders more often. It’s that simple!

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