Quality Assurance (QA)

Rigorous Quality Assurance in combination with agile software development prove to be a winning formula in achieving highest development standards.


Functional testing

Every feature is tested before it gets deployed to the production environment.

Regression tests

Before deployment to production integration and regression tests are performed, so that potential bugs are caught and eliminated in advance.

Project documentation

Internal testing project documentations ensure that the most essential features are well-known to every team member involved, and tested before and after code is deployed to a website.

Performance monitoring

NewRelic/Google Analytics data is monitored on a regular basis to establish impact of new functionalities and other factors on website performance.

We use specialized tools to ensure efficiency and thoroughness of testing process:


Qualitative web development requires standards, to ensure organization-wide adherence to principles and guidelines. Some of those standards are outlined as follows:

  • Agile software development methodologies ensure a continuous delivery of real business value
  • Competitive selection progress for team expansions, as well as thorough on-boarding
  • Regular internal training sessions for using self-developed and third-party software
  • Language courses at the office
  • Constant experience exchange at industry events and meetups / hackathons
  • Regular, cross-team interdisciplinary knowledge exchange
  • Support for Hatimerians that seek advanced training at University and other educational institutions
  • Incentives are in place to motivate Hatimerians to obtain certifications from Magento, ISTQB (testing authority), and others

Test automation

To keep our QA standards high, we make sure that essential store features are tested on a regular basis. Manual execution of regression tests is repetitive, time-consuming and tedious. It also requires extra effort to document test results for proper verification. That is where test automation comes in handy.


We create automated test scripts that are able to perform same actions as real users on the website. These actions combined in predefined scenarios make it possible to automatically check whole functionalities. The suite of such scenarios covers essential store functionalities and confirms that they are working as expected or report failures if applicable.



To ensure reliability of the tests, assertions are in place to verify the results of executed actions.


Test steps, screenshots and even videos are saved in CrossBrowserTesting tool, so it’s easy to track the results and share them.

Cross-browser testing

With the use of CrossBrowserTesting we can run the tests on a variety of devices and browsers, including mobile devices.


While the automated test suite is running, we can focus on testing tasks that require a more creative approach.


Code is written in line with standards and best patterns, so it’s reliable and easy to adjust to ever-changing software. We use widely acknowledged open-source tools with a vibrant community to reduce the cost of set-up and maintenance of tests.

Performance testing

To be ahead of your competition, you need to pay attention to your site’s performance. See how better performance can boost your conversion rate.