At HATIMERIA we always strive for the best. We work with the latest software and tools, keeping up-to-date with the fast-changing world of technology. We are convinced that Headless and Microservice technology is the future of e-commerce. Where others stayed on the safe trail, we took a dive into the deep to develop what we believe in. And with success – where Magento and others make plans to launch their first Headless/PWA shops, we have the technology ready for you, two years ahead of our competitors.

We strongly believe that a modern, up-to-date, stable and safe webshop, which can compete with the millions of shops on the internet, can only be built with the right tools. To make sure you, the customer, get the best available service, we train our developers weekly, work closely and partner with core technology teams all over the world.



"Together we break away from the traditional eCommerce monolith while writing tomorrow’s leading software today."

DEITY is a microservice architecture e-commerce platform which allows you to quickly adapt to ever-changing business environments while making everything subservient to the need for speed. It gives you the ability to make decisions and bring them to life, while responding to your customer needs, faster than anyone else.

Combining microservice based business process management blocks with a fully headless front-end, DEITY will beat speed records on the front-end and on the back-end - for both you as the developer and the user visiting your shop.

Hatimeria is an official partner of DEITY.

Development Set-up

Flexible and adaptive development setup is the key to being a productive developer. In HATIMERIA, we automate everything to be able to change fast with our own custom made toolkit. We also provide the best hardware from Apple and a fiber internet connection.

We use Docker and Amazon Web Services for scaling and replicating environments to isolate the work in progress so there are no obstacles to delivering the business value every day in an organised and a bug-free manner.

Our quality oriented workflow includes automated and manual tests on production-like stages to reduce maintenance costs.

In-house hosting team works closely with development team to ensure everything runs smoothly day and night.


Being passionate for innovation, we are convinced Headless and Microservice technology is the future of e-commerce. Starting from these beliefs, we took a dive into the deep and our first headless Magento 2 project went live in the beginning of 2017. Our dive was risky, but with success – where Magento and others make plans to launch their first Headless/PWA shops in 2019, we have the technology now ready for you.

While creating successful projects and publicity with the first PWA Magento 2 webshop, we are still developing the concept. Our goal is to soon be able to provide it to everyone: developers and merchants, to give you all the possibility to work with PWA technology – the next big thing after responsive web design. Are you a NodeJS or ReactJS developer and would you like to be a part of the core team? Please contact us directly. We are always looking for new talents.

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