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Don't build your business with improper tools! E.g. Wordpress is a CMS, not a dedicated ecommerce platform. WooCommerce is a Wordpress plugin, not a robust and well-supported dedicated ecommerce platform.

Example: from older version to newset

Magento 2

Example: from one platform to another

Woo Commerce

The 4 main benefits of changing the sales platform for a dedicated system:

Development flexibility

An ecommerce-dedicated system (such as Magento) gives almost unlimited flexibility in terms of expansion and changes.

For example:
  • unlimited possibility to integrate with external partners - wholesalers, suppliers, warehouse systems, ERP, PIM class, etc.
  • a lot of ready-made solutions and plug-ins, which makes it easier to change external systems without losing existing integrations
  • practically unlimited freedom in creating store interfaces (= unique design without loss of usability)
  • Flexibility


    Dedicated ecommerce systems put much more emphasis on security. 90% of all hacked CMS systems in the world are Wordpress/WooCommerce. Magento is far less vulnerable to exploits and security patches are published more often due to support from Adobe and a large community.


    The flexibility of development also affects the ability to optimize speed. By choosing Magento we can guarantee that your ecommerce will be compliant with the Core Web Vitals Assessment. This affects not only usability but also SEO scoring. Dedicated ecommerce systems are also prepared to handle much higher traffic. For example, we had the opportunity to work with a client who promoted the site on national TV during prime time, or a client who sells in a flash-sale model where we process hundreds of orders per minute.
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    Copyright and ease of changing the development team

    As an alternative to SaaS systems (you may also be considering this route), if you choose Magento the copyrights will remain with you. This makes it easier to resell the company and does not generate licensing costs. In addition, the quality of the code of software like Magento makes it easier to find an alternative service provider. The best developers very rarely tie their careers to Wordpress / WooCommerce - this increases the risk of changing the IT agency, and without technical expertise it is very difficult to assess whether new developers have the competencies necessary for the long-term maintenance of the platform.
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    As much as we know, the faster and better will be your project!

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