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Reasons to implement Hyva

A fast web page converts better

Excellent Lightspeed result

Better SEO for your ecommerce

Core Web Vitals Assessment pass guaranteed

Beautiful site with a lower maintenance cost

Modern and sleek design based on a reduced complexity theme

Higher conversion rate!

Sales optimized checkout

Proven track record of successful Hyvä implementations

Marcus ForsbergBedre Naetter

Marcus Forsberg

Bedre Nætter

Hyva proved to be a major upgrade our on-site performance and a great resource for building on top of for our future projects. It's a fairly simple structure for our basic and sometimes more complex solutions with our eCommerce setup. Our main goal was improving PageSpeed metrics to match customer needs. The development of it has been without any major obstacles and was handled in a great and professional way by Hatimeria.

Christian HansenTowels

Christian Hansen


We decided to rebuild all our Magento2 shops with the Hyva frontend and a lot of custom optimizations.. After researching, we chose Hatimeria as our development partner - and boy are we glad we did! 100% dedication, strong knowledge and coding skills - and fantastic positive people to work with! We highly recommend partnering with Hatimeria for your next Magento2/Hyva project.

Are you
building new store?

  • If you’re building a new store but you don't want to have to deal with speed issues in a year. It should be fast and reliable from the first day
  • If you already tried a SaaS platform and you are looking for an on-premise open source solution

Are you
optimizing an existing store?

  • If your Magento store Google PageSpeed Insight is a pain for your business
  • If you feel your page needs a redesign
  • If you don’t feel PWA is the solution for your business, but you are looking for a modern and fast mobile-friendly eCommerce solution

Whether you are building a new store or optimizing an existing one, you should expect your page to perform similarly to some of our customers using Hyvä implemented by Hatimeria:

BeforeHyva implementation

AfterHyva implementation

Optimization before
Optimization after

After: Desktop


After: Mobile


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How much does it cost?

The price depends on the complexity of your platform

Less complex platform

5000-25000 EUR*

More complex platform

Starting from

25000 EUR*

*all price estimates include a one-time Hyva Theme license fee

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