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Big commerce

BigCommerce is your go-to for a powerful online store. Customize your shop, ensure secure payments and effortlessly grow your business from small to large. Offer seamless, mobile-friendly shopping experiences for your users. Leverage tools for enhanced online visibility. Manage everything easily with a simple dashboard. Keep customers safe with top-notch security. Connect smoothly with other apps. Enjoy a smooth experience with quick loading times. Access support and valuable insights when needed. Benefit from affordable pricing for all-sized businesses.

Simply put, BigCommerce is your ticket to successful online selling.
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With BigCommerce you have:



Grow your business effortlessly without complex migrations.



Reach a wider audience with mobile-optimized themes for seamless shopping experiences.


SEO Enhancement

Boost visibility with fully customizable URL slugs and other tools that improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.


Intuitive User Interface & Easy Theme Customization

Manage your online store efficiently with an intuitive dashboard and page builder for all users.


Integration Capabilities

Connect easily with third-party apps and services for added functionality.


Performance and Speed

cloud-native platform with GraphQL and REST APIs and a modular architecture keeps your customers engaged thanks to fast loading times and reliable performance.


Support and Resources

Access 24/7 support and a wealth of educational resources for success.



Budget effectively with transparent pricing options for all business sizes & no transaction fees.

Hatimeria has a proven track record with BigCommerce implementation:

Theme Development

Theme and Full Store Customization

Plugin Development




Advanced Integration

Custom solution with free testing environment

Tailored testing solutions for BigCommerce Merchants

Are you currently a BigCommerce merchant? Are you actively testing new features and solutions on your production store? Concerned that this might impact your revenue?

Explore our custom staging solution, enabling you to test changes comprehensively before they impact your customers. Try out widgets, plugins and BigCommerce features with no consequences.

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Your development team in Hatimeria

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