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Big commerce

BigCommerce is one of the most stable, multitenant and API-driven SaaS in the market. Younger than Shopify, it offers flexible pricing for plans, a lot of plugins, headless ecommerce and omnichannel solutions. BigCommerce has been recognized for the third year as a “Challenger” in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce Report.
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With BigCommerce you have:


A cloud-native platform with GraphQL and REST APIs and a modular architecture


No transaction fees


Fully customizable URL slugs and other features for SEO optimization


Easy theme customization


24/7 support

Hatimeria has a proven track record with BigCommerce implementation:

Theme Development

Theme and Full Store Customization

Plugin Development




Advanced Integration

Your development team in Hatimeria

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If you are looking to migrate to or from BigCommerce to other platforms, our certified developers can help you.

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