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Progressive Web App

Mobile is 55% of the worldwide traffic and increases all the time rapidly. We as professionals have desktops, laptops and large monitors in our work but your customers haven’t got a. Your customers don’t need to have desktops or laptop devices at home because all their wishes or needs they provide from mobile.

On the other hand, western countries can get up to 50% of their iPhone Safari traffic. The exact page or image looks very good on an Android in 2-years smartphone and very poor on the most recent iPhone. Is testing on real devices part of your process? Do you target your market correctly and in detail - for example, do you research if the iPad is used and if the user experience/conversion rate is reasonable?

Global stats

Trends go away,
PWA will stay

Users are used to native apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Zalando. You are competing for user attention with those apps. Your clients have a limited time to spend on apps - they choose only best webs and apps. It means that you are fighting for every minute of your client’s attention not only with your direct competitors but also with the entire market.

Most websites feel broken, slow, and not friendly in UX/UI. PWA is about trying to close that gap, making your website up to that expectation. It’s not about trends or buzzwords - it’s about keeping your users.

The future is happening now

To stay competitive and keep users website needs to be:

  • Fast (instant, no loading visible, smooth transitions on mobile networks)
  • Capable (use most out of the user device capabilities - e.g., cameras try on, installable for faster access, Retina - use 3x resolution for the best quality)
  • Monitored and improved all the time with KPIs.

  • The truth is your current eCommerce tech stack or team might not be ready to make such improvements. Do you have the best qualified Magento developers? Great, but Magento 2 started development in 2011 when mobile traffic was 4% of the market. It is not the best tool for the job anymore.

    Following video shows how much time standard Magento theme - Luma waste in a typical mobile conditions on a cellular network compared to modern Headless PWA for example Check their story in our case study.

    Moving from existing project

    Migration to another platform or solution is always scary about costs, team management, timelines, possible crashes, or implementing a project that did not meet expectations. It results directly from past experiences or lack of this experience in system migration.

    PWA chart

    But the implementation of PWA is NOT A PLATFORM MIGRATION. Migration is a process of rewriting one system to another. In PWA step-by-step, piece-by-piece, we change and improve your eCommerce. And you don’t need to change or update your back-end.The best example is our client, Eyerim has PWA in the frontend, but all back-end is still mostly on Magento 1 - and eCommerce looks and works great.

    Simplified Architecture Chart

    Easy implementation with any backend

    We have years of experience in projects to join PWA solutions with back-end. For our clients, we have integrated simple and effective PWA solutions with platforms:

    All PWA Solutions we can quickly implement with almost any backend

    PWA gives you tools to deliver your customers fast eCommerce with no reloading, offline communication, the best UX/UI design, and an overall way to grab customers from the market.

    Vue StorefrontPWAScandi PWAVue JSReact native

    PWA loves relations

    We know how to do it lean and provide value quickly for the business/users for existing projects stuck on legacy solutions. We’ve implemented enterprise-level projects for global brands and their main selling channels. As well as startup and mid-market.

    Software team should be customer team

    One of the most critical factors in PWA is team management. Without developing PWA projects, no software team could learn how to do it properly. Change of meaning of project management is key to receive the best results. Successful KPIs of team software should include:

    Skilled with reactive programming (Vue/React)

    UX / frontend-oriented developers

    We actively suggesting improvements based on latest research and solutions.

    Performance debugging skills for the browser

    You will create a great user experience

    QA that knows how to test real devices

    Our QA proactively report issues like CLS (Content Layout Shifting)

    Prepare different Mobile content

    Different images with different DETAILS and not only scale down the resolution.


    How we prepare projects?

    We step-by-Step recognize your audience and research their requirements and expectations:



  • know the audience/research Google Analytics (are tablets important ? what is the main device/browser combination)
  • perform deep QA audit
  • find and investigate performance issues
  • how is the project unique - what are the key features?
  • 2


  • fit market available PWA solution to project needs
  • prepare PoC (Proof of Concept)
  • make a lean plan that would allow bringing business value / improve UX on scheduled basics (2 weeks sprints?)
  • pick features to rewrite
  • 3


  • abring new toolkit to the team
  • train back-office users on content creation for various devices
  • perform QA and automated tests, including performance and UX checks
  • rewrite and deploy improved features
  • 4


  • adapt to changing business goals
  • research on Google Analytics to find the following targets for improvements
  • measure the outcome with KPIs
  • 5

    Other possible areas of PWA:

  • offline mode or limited network access users
  • great traffic readiness improvements
  • headless backends / using more SaaS tools like shipping/taxjar/etc
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