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Discovery Phase
Discovery Phase

Once we understand your business needs and expectations towards the store we do research that helps us answer the problems, reduce the odds of making expensive alterations and increase ROI. Then we plan the project so that Magento 2 development goes smoothly and efficiently. In the end, we deliver real value for your clients.

Magento Web Development
Magento Web Development

We'll implement your Magento ecommerce fast and without any disturbance, taking care of even the smallest details. We also have the expertise to migrate your online store between Magento 1 and Magento 2 and also from other platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Quality Assurance

Based on various types of tests (regression, performance, functional and more), user feedback and statistical data, we will make your store like a polished diamond.


Continuous monitoring of the store after implementation is necessary to react in advance to eliminate potential causes that may disable your store. High season sales, Black Friday or sales peaks - your clients will never see 404 errors.

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Let us estimate your project:

Improve your Magento frontend with Hyva Themes. We're highly experienced Hyva Supplier and Hyva Contributor.

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We always give our best over 100%. The opinions of our clients confirm this.

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Magento: a fully-customised platform for B2B and B2C online stores

Comprehensive commerce that evolves with you for brands of all industries.

Magento audits

The discovery/scoping phase helps streamline work processes in the company and avoid unplanned costs.

Replatforming & data migration

Use our knowledge and experience to choose the best platform for your ecommerce. Our developers employ a business-oriented approach - in the end your sales are what really matters.

Hyva Themes

Modern and sleek design based on a reduced complexity theme. Make your ecommerce beautiful, fast and with a lower maintenance cost. See more about Hyva

Performance optimization

Improved loading time of your webshop is money - your money. Thanks to our optimization, you will feel the difference in your pocket and your customers will enjoy a better experience.

API & 3rd party integration

Benefit from the vast resources of the marketplace and thousands of extensions ready to connect your store with external tools & APIs.

PWA/headless implementation

Want a fast ecommerce with no reloading, offline communication, the best UX/UI design and an overall way to grab customers from the market? Check our PWA implementations.

Magento Solution Specialists, developers and testers

Our team consists of professional Magento developers with experience in implementing online stores of all sizes. Additionally, our testers work closely with programmers possessing ISTQB certificates.


Benefits come in pairs. Here are a few of them.


Concentrated on ecommerce

Built with sales in mind is dedicated to your business. Prepared to work with PWA, so headless integration should be easier. Our agency has more than 10 years of experience in Magento - we implement it fast and safely.


High-level scalability and customization

Don’t limit your growth! We have clients who started their adventure with Magento as a startup and now have a large, mature business.



Magento allows the creation of multiple stores on the same backend. Matched with the best agency for the job, you can just focus on your business.


Responsive and SEO optimized

With Hyva Theme or PWA your online store will deliver a really unique customer experience. Hatimeria, as a Hyva Supplier and Hyva Contributor, knows perfectly how to speed up your business.


Easy integrations

Magento has a lot of compatible features and widgets in the Magento Marketplace. We know which one is best suited to your needs. Integration with other systems like ERP or CMS is also painless.


Flexible content management

Without technical knowledge you can easily and rapidly edit the content on your website. With an intuitive and flexible page editor you can make changes any time you want.

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We are the co-founders of Mage-Os

An open initiative to ensure the accessibility, longevity, and success of the Magento® platform and ecosystem.

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Knowledge base and why is Magento ecommerce for you?

What is Magento and why should I choose it?

Magento is an open-source platform that has been developed for years. As a dedicated ecommerce system it gives almost unlimited flexibility for expansion and changes. You gain unlimited possibilities to integrate with external partners - like wholesalers, suppliers, warehouse systems, ERP class, PIM systems and more. Additionally, Magento offers a greater number of ready-made solutions and extensions, which makes it easier to change external systems without losing existing integrations. Furthermore, you have practically unlimited freedom in creating a store interface, which means a unique design without losing usability.

Magento is also:

  • Multilingual and multi-currency - sell your product wherever you want
  • Cross-browser compatible - stop worrying about which browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox) your clients use. Your ecommerce runs perfectly in each of them.
  • Various payment methods - as above, no matter if it is eg. PayPal, a saved credit card or a bank transfer - your clients can pay how they want.
  • One-step checkout - why prolong sales steps?

If you need customization, flexibility and a fully scalable platform, Magento is for you no matter how big your business is.

See our case study.

Is Magento secure?

Dedicated ecommerce systems place much more emphasis on security. 90% of all hacked CMS systems in the world are WordPress. Magento is hacked far less often and security patches are published more regularly due to the software's direct connection to money/personal data.

What about Magento's ecommerce performance?

The flexibility of development also affects the ability to optimize speed. By choosing Magento, we can guarantee that the site will comply with the Core Web Vitals Assessment. This affects not only usability but also SEO scoring. Also, Magento (like other dedicated ecommerce platforms handles much higher traffic. For example, we had the opportunity to work with a client who promoted the site on TV or a client who sells in a flash-sale model where we process hundreds of orders per minute

Who owns copyrights and how can I limit the risk of changing IT developers?

As an alternative to SaaS systems (you may be considering this route as well - like BigCommerce or Shopify) if you choose Magento the copyrights will remain with you. This makes it easier to resell the company and does not generate licensing costs. In addition, the quality of software code in Magento makes it easier to find an alternative service provider. The best programmers very rarely tie their careers to Wordpress. This increases the risk of changing IT contractors and, without technical expertise, it is very difficult to assess whether new programmers have the competence necessary to maintain the platform long-term.

How much may Magento implementation cost?

It depends on the project because each ecommerce is different. For building from scratch, we estimate 50 hours for the discovery phase, 600+ hours for Magento frontend and backend development and approximately 100 hours of quality assurance. If you want to migrate or implement a new frontend (eg. PWA or Hyva Themes) - contact us and we will be happy to prepare an estimate for you!

I read about some new frontends for Magento ecommerce. Which one should I choose?

The default frontend for Magento ecommerce is Luma. However for all our clients we recommend implementing or migrating to Hyva Themes. Hyva is almost fully customized, fast and cheaper in implementation. You can read more about it here. Moreover, we have a lot of experience in implementing PWA (Progressive Web Application) and headless solutions in Magento ecommerce. PWA is the perfect solution when you want your ecommerce to be fast in the whole world (instant, no loading visible, smooth transitions on mobile networks), fully capable and available offline wherever your customers are.
You can read about PWA here

Why should I choose the Hatimeria Magento development team ?

Choosing a development agency is something like marriage ;) We really care about your project and want to deliver the best code quality and communication. Contact us to check if we have chemistry with each other ;)

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