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Trust certified Optimizely (Episerver) developers to create the digital future of customer experience. With great content marketing tools, content management and Optimizely Commerce Cloud for B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions, Optimizely is great value for the money.


Hatimeria as an Optimizely Partner offers you a great opportunity to meet the most advanced tools for ecommerce in one place.


You are in great company - Optimizely was chosen by the biggest global brands.


Full personalization and customization - different content for different groups.


All A/B tests are integrated into one place.


DXP with Optimizely cloud and 24/7 support.


DAM with a huge image library.


AI for content recommendation and content approval.

The Optimizely development team in Hatimeria

10+yof experience
100%Quality Assurance
100%Client satisfaction
100+Global Clients
100%Core Web Vitals Assessment passed

Why is Optimizely (Episerver) a good choice?


One great solution for ecommerce, content management, digital marketing, web and feature experimentation to improve your business as never before.

Content marketing

Calendars, campaigns, work requests, tasks and workflows, digital asset management, content editor and performance analysis - you can quickly and easily integrate all features to streamline your work and gain more visibility.

Content management

Flexible capabilities from project and media management to creating the design, A/B testing, targeting and more delivered by a high-speed headless API or Optimizely’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN).

B2B & B2C commerce

Whatever your clients are looking for, you deliver them an experience they will love. A single platform that uses artificial intelligence to drive your business to grow faster and on a larger scale.


Through the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform you can test what really converts. The native integration with a DXP product is a differentiator for Optimizely. Follow leading companies and make your future clearer.

Hatimeria has developers with Optimizely Content Cloud Certificates and Optimizely Experimentation Web Platform Expert Certificates.

We develop Optimizely (Episerver) based websites for leading US agencies.

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Powered by Optimizely CMS 12, Optimizely Configured Commerce 14, and the dynamic duo of Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS on the frontend. This configuration operates seamlessly in stores built on Magento with Hyva.

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​​We cannot share the names of some of our clients with you, but numbers never lie:

7000+spent hours

Award winning ecommerce Agency