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Julia, Frontend Developer

By Julia

January 11, 2022

Comparison of frontend solutions for headless ecommerce (December 2021)

It’s hard to choose the right PWA solution for your ecommerce. There are many options, each of them comes with a different set of features, each has strong points and disadvantages. We’ve been researching some of them and we’ve decided that we need to sum them up somehow. Therefore we’ve prepared a table of available features.

We’ve checked four options so far - Vue Storefront 2 (integrations with Magento and Shopify), NextJS Commerce, ScandiPWA and Shopify Hydrogen. It’s worth noting that some of them are still under development (for example Hydrogen is just a preview for developers and is in quite an early state), so we may suspect that some features will be added in the future. This is just the state of things as of December 2021 but at this moment it can come in handy when looking for a PWA solution for your next project.

small table.png

Available features:

big table.png

We’ve prepared demo versions of the aforementioned frontend solutions so you can see them in action:

There is no simple answer to the question of which solution you should choose. Each project is different, each one has different requirements. Can you choose your backend as well or is it already decided? Wide coverage of ecommerce features is extremely important but maybe there is this one feature that is worth ten other features for you? Can your store be rendered only on the client-side? You will need to carefully weigh in all options and choose the one that is the best for you.

You can also download both the tables below.

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Julia, Frontend Developer
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