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By Mariusz

August 30, 2023

How Hyva can empower your ecommerce business?

Now, after two years, Hatimeria can show you how Hyva influenced Bedre Naetter's business.


Bedre Naetter is a multicomplex platform with custom solutions. They sell beds, mattresses, bed frames, sofa beds, duvets and pillows, bed linen and more. Their business is 100% online.

As we mentioned, we implemented Hyva in 2021 when the coronavirus pandemic raged and many customers switched to online shopping. When the pandemic was over, people returned to stationary shopping, which translated negatively for online businesses. That happened to Bedre Naetter as well but fortunately they came out of it unharmed.

Hyva's business impact

See the results before and after the implementation of Hyva:


Average Page Load time: -20,17%

Average Server Connection Time: -40.54%

Average Page Download Time: -52,86%

High season sales

To map the difference, we made an in-depth comparison of periods of high season sales (Black Friday), which for Bedre Naetter is, on average, from18 Nov to 1 Dec:

1. Revenue

Revenue: +7,86%

Ecommerce CR: -16,72%

Transactions: +3,9%

Average Order Value: + 3,82%

2. Sessions

All Sessions: 24,76%

Sessions with Product Views: 21,27%

Sessions with Add to Cart: 146,67%

Sessions with Check-out: 12,34%

Sessions with Transactions: 4,31%

3. New Visitors and returning visitors

New visitors: +23,15%

Returning visitors: +36,07%

4. Cart

Returning visitors: 617,17%

New visitors: 910,12%

5. Checkout

Cart: 697,72%

Sessions with Transactions: 4,31%

6. Bounce rate

Bounce Rate: -41,31%

Users: +28,48%

New Users: +28,47%


A faster frontend like Hyva can boost your ecommerce page speed and user experience. What is most important, page speed optimization positively influences business sales. Do you want to grow your business? Contact us, we are a Hyva Supplier and Hyva Contributor. We know how to improve your ecommerce project.

Would you like to innovate your ecommerce project with Hatimeria?

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