Incremental Hyva Implementation
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By Piotr

November 29, 2023

Hyva Themes Unveiled: A Comprehensive Tech Guide to Incremental Implementation Challenges

Incremental Hyva implementation presents a multitude of benefits, outlined in our related article. Here our emphasis is on addressing technical challenges encountered in the development of Hyva Themes.

Below you can find a comprehensive list of potential aspects to keep in mind during the incremental Hyva implementation process, crucial for businesses considering this strategic approach.


Certain external modules, especially those with their own JS code, may not function properly in Hyva themes. To ensure compatibility with Alpinejs, we may need to adapt them. Fortunately, Hyva is actively developing a compatibility module, increasing the likelihood that our vendor module is already aligned with Hyva standards. Explore the full list of compatibility modules here.


Utilizing inline JS with RequireJS in a CMS Block poses a challenge, particularly when the same CMS Blocks are applied across different themes. In the Hyva theme, RequireJS may encounter issues, necessitating the use of Vanilla JS within the CMS Block or the relocation of the requirejs code to the application files.


Ensuring pixel perfection for both themes is essential. Minor design variations may arise between the new Hyva Theme and the old Luma theme, primarily due to the old theme's potential utilization of even values or closely related numerical inputs. While TailwindCSS customization can address this by incorporating odd values or similar inputs, it's not considered best practice when optimizing with TailwindCSS.


Optimization is crucial. When applying the Hyva theme exclusively to specific page types, it's essential to streamline the vendor modules. Many vendor modules inject CSS across all pages, even those not utilized in Hyva. Removing unused modules on Hyva pages is necessary for optimal performance.


The extended build process is attributed to the presence of two themes. Magento requires additional time to complete the build for all themes during the deployment process.


In summary, strategically implementing Hyva into your established store can significantly impact your business. Overcoming technical challenges is key, such as ensuring compatibility with external modules and addressing issues with inline JS in CMS Blocks. Pixel perfection and optimization are crucial for a seamless transition.

To explore further into these considerations and gain valuable insights, check out our full article on implementing Hyva strategically. Click here to read more and optimize your store's performance with Hyva.

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