Bedre Naetter


the new frontend with Hyvä Themes


Bedre Naetter is one of the Europe's biggest manufacturers and suppliers of beds, mattresses, sofas, duvets, pillows and bedsheets. Being an e-tailer that operates through allows them to offer high-quality products at excellent prices as compared to physical shops.



Bedre Naetter has a multi-level complex ecommerce that includes many custom solutions and dedicated widgets. They also launched new marketing campaigns with many external widgets that allow to insert pictures, videos and graphics. Originally, the solution was built in Magento, while the front-end was created in Luma.

After a few years of maintenance, the front-end started to slow down. Key indicators from Google Lighthouse were getting worse. All pages were slow, modules and scripts were loading literally indefinitely. Images weren’t optimized for uploads, only the largest size were used. Additionally, new content wasn’t replacing the old one but was just added to it. There were also a lot of modules from external suppliers. In the end, everything slowed down significantly.

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