Page speed: Time is Money

More specifically, improved loading time of your webshop is money - your money. There are numerous articles and researches proving without any doubts that fast websites convert much better. We have checked that thesis on ecommerce websites of our customers many times and we can guarantee this statement is always true. We have been optimizing loading time for our customers for the last 7 years which made us aware of every single aspect that could help to make your website faster.

Conversion Rate increased by 40%!

One of our clients noted an enormous Conversion Rate increase (40%!!!) on mobile devices once we accelerated his website’s loading time from 3,2 to 2,2 seconds. We find this result really incredible! Year by year we have been observing the impact of website speed optimization on conversion rate and very often we were simply stunned by the results we got. Based on wide research performed on not only our customers - it can be assumed that 1-second improvement in page speed load should bring approximately 7% of revenue growth on average.

Unfortunately, this trend cuts both ways. This diagram shows the bounce rate of website keeping the page load time close to 4 - 4.2 seconds for a few years in a row.

Customers’ demands regarding the speed are growing rapidly what means a speed that was generating a satisfying conversion rate a few years ago - today is often not acceptable at all.

It basically means a lack of action can set your business back!

Advantages of improving webpage speed

Page speed affects revenue

  • Conversion Rate impact is obvious - if your website generates 200.000 a day - a 1-second improvement in page speed should bring you a monthly revenue growth by almost half a million.

Increase a returning customer rate

  • Customers reporting dissatisfaction with your website’s performance are less likely to buy from that same website again!

Improve customer experience

  • In 2018 more than 60% of mobile users expect a page to load in less than 4 seconds,
  • Nearly half of all the users expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds…

SEO value!

  • Google bumps up faster web-pages in its search results - it is not a secret. A 1-second delay of page load time has been shown to cause a loss of 11% in organic traffic.

Build the trust

  • A simple rate is: webpage faster by 1s is equal to 16% more satisfied customer,
  • A page speed which is satisfying today will be unacceptable in a year!

How we do it

Best results are by connecting all three areas that can impact page loading time: hosting, backend, and frontend.
Hatimeria Team consists of Frontend, Backend and DevOps specialists that are able to take care of every of these aspects.

After optimization is done - dedicated QA team will also make sure web-page is not just faster - but are doing what they were supposed to do ;)

Optimize your hosting

  • Make sure you have enough hardware resources
  • Double check you’re using the most up-to date versions of programming languages and db management systems. Php7 is more than twice as fast for Magento or Wordpress!
  • Redis or Memcached instead of file system caching is usually better choice
  • Use full page cache and varnish
  • Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Optimize your backend

  • Optimize your Database queries - we were able to save more than half a second of page load time for Eyerim [eyerim case study] just by optimizing Database queries
  • Do not process unnecessary actions during the customer session. Create a queue and process that in cron
  • Balance well your cron jobs
  • Use asynchronous indexing instead of native one. (i.e. async index for Magento)
  • Clean-up unused modules and source code

Optimize your frontend

  • Optimize the size and compress your assets like images/stylesheets
  • Remove unnecessary js code
  • Minify your resources
  • Eliminate render-blocking JS and CSS in above-the-fold content
  • Are you sure you still use all these pixels and trackers?
  • Move less important javascript code (chats, minor features) after page load event to not block interaction with userst
  • Avoid downloading images not visible on the screen

Free of charge performance audit

CTA - We have made dozens of Magento webpages faster - feel free to use our expertise and ask for free of charge basic performance audit of your ecommerce store

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Case studies

There is a lot of buzz about PWA in IT and ecommerce - Hatimeria as one of the first companies in the industry that already few years ago had published one of the first PWA solutions based on Magento2: is European-leading glasses company that understand not just how speed important is - but how you can growth by improving the UX experience of your customers.

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