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User Experience

The basis of every well-functioning store is how it communicates and how it responds to the needs of its customers.

At Hatimeria, we make sure that each store is designed with the target user in mind. We always make sure that the solution is tested and understandable for the final recipient.
UX & UI Design

User Experience capabilities

UX audit

An expert audit of your store is the perfect solution to start with. We will check your store in terms of accessibility, usability and readability.

UX research

Once we understand your needs, we will conduct appropriate competition and market research. But that's not all. We will get to know your target group, talk to them and understand their problems. Thanks to this, we can design better and make informed decisions.


We will design a clickable prototype in Figma (interface design tool). Such a solution will give you awareness and an overview of how the store functions before it is developed. This prototype will be tested with users before we touch the development budget.

Usability testing

We will test the initial prototype in terms of effectiveness, understanding and readability. The collected observations will enable us to refine the project at the conceptual stage. Depending on your needs, we will select the appropriate test method, e.g. usability testing, A/B, card sorting or tree testing.

Data analysis

Using quantitative/statistical data, we will check flow paths, verify bottlenecks, analyze click maps and how your users scroll the store. We will identify areas for improvement and suggest changes in the information architecture. Everything to make your users buy more often and more.

UX maintenance

UX engagement should not be a one-time job. By constantly tracking your store over time and acquiring new information, we can react quickly to improve your store day by day.

Our UX tools

We use specialized tools to ensure the efficiency and thoroughness of the user experience process:

And a lot more. We select tools based on implementation capabilities and the security policy of your store.

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