Web & Mobile Development

Web & Mobile Development

Hatimeria is a highly experienced development team in mobile and web development. We work with cutting-edge technologies for leading US agencies.

Web & Mobile Development

Page speed optimization has no secrets for us

We build only the best mobile apps and ecommerces based on different technologies:

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce

PaaS for Enterprise clients which helps them connect with their customers and sell their products.



Build your ecommerce as fast as ever! Cost-effective, quick implementation and extensive integration to drive your ecommerce business to new heights.


Optimizely (Episerver)

Fully digital management from content and marketing to conversion. Excellent for complex ecommerces to deliver a better experience and more results.



A powerful and robust SaaS for anybody who just wants to focus on their sales. A trusted open-source platform with great acclaim on the market.

we use modern and proven Front-End technologies

supplementary services
and integrations


and more...

How we build mobile app?

Discovery Phase

Once we understand your business needs and expectations towards the store, we do research that helps us solve the problems, reduce the odds of making expensive alterations and increase ROI. Then we plan the project so that development goes smoothly and efficiently. In the end, we deliver real value for your clients.

Research and planning

We do deeply competitive and market research. Is there a niche in your market for your app? What features and functionality should your app include? What platform for your app will be the best match? Eg. if most of your customers use iOS, there is no need to build apps in Android too. We answer all questions necessary to create the best product for you.


We create a prototype (the minimum value product - MVP) focusing on a general sense of the app’s functionality. It's a very important stage where we receive feedback from your audience and confirm that we meet your customers' expectations.


People buy with their eyes. Your app must have a perfect UX and UI delivered with cutting-edge technologies.


The final version of your app is around the corner. In this stage we also create events for all possible user interactions to see how your app is being used and the general flow of users. QA support is desired to reduce your costs.


The big day! We put all our ideas into action. Your app is now available in the App Store and /or Google Play. But our work is not over. We go back to MVP to review feedback from your customers and improve your app.


Our Quality Assurance team works both after and before the release. Every step must be checked in different scenarios and on various devices to reduce both the time and costs of maintenance and support.


We monitor the status of your app, fix any bugs that may show up and update your app. If you want to deliver the best product to your customers you need to know that our work never really ends.

Why are mobile apps so important for business?


Increase customer loyalty and engagement

85% of time spent on smartphones is spent using apps. Build a strong relationship with your customers by meeting their needs and expectations.


Provide more value and improve customer experience

Your mobile app is a showcase of your brand’s strengths. It is an opportunity but also a challenge. Your app must deliver the best customer experience - build your app with professionals.


Connect with your customers quickly and easily

Communication with your customers has never been so simple. Take advantage of it to deliver the best customer service.


Build direct and personalized marketing campaigns

Personalized content builds customer loyalty and engagement and increases your ROI.


Create innovation

Step up to date with new AR and AI solutions. Customers love innovations.


Omnichannel knocks on the door

And mobile apps are a part of it.

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