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The best way to prove our skills is by showing the results of our work. In the last few years we have developed a significant customer base, building shops all over the world. From Europe to the US and even the UAE, our customers are everywhere. From brand stores to wholesalers, B2C or B2B, enterprise level or start-ups, our developers have built it all.

Eyerim started with us a few years ago. With an initial budget of several thousand euros per month they achieved success. Now they are market leader in eyewear sales and have several thousand orders per month now!

How we work?

Discovery Phase
Discovery Phase

Once we understand your business needs and expectations towards the store we do research that helps us solve the problems, reduce the odds of making expensive alterations and increase ROI. Then we plan the project so that Magento 2 development goes smoothly and efficiently. In the end, we deliver real value for your clients.

Web Development
Web Development

We'll implement your ecommerce fast and without any disturbance, taking care of even the smallest detail. We also have the expertise to migrate your online store between Magento 1 and Magento 2 and also from other platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Quality Assurance

Based on various types of tests (regression, performance, functional and more), user feedback and statistical data, we will make your store like a polished diamond.


Continuous monitoring of the store after implementation is necessary to react in advance to eliminate potential causes that may disable your store. High season sales, Black Friday or sales peaks - with our support, your clients will never see 404 errors.

The more we know, the faster and better your project will be!

Download our short brief, answer the questions as best as you can and send it to us!

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