The discovery phase, the scoping phase or initial research - you may know it by different names but the goal is always one: identify and clarify your business goals, target audience, limitations and overall scope of the project. It will help you verify project assumptions with expected results.


Discovery Phase in Practice

Discovery phase with discounted rates with no reservation required

Rates based on volume, skillset and seniority level.

Time & Materials only

Tech leaders with 10+ years of experience and a proven track record

There are key milestones in the discovery phase:


PREWORK - Filling out the business questionnaire


Identification of product and customer

  • Workshop with stakeholders regarding product and client
  • Defining requirements grouped by nice to have, must have, future ideas
  • Competition research - max. 3 websites as inspiration for new functionalities
  • Competition research - functionalities necessary for implementation

Documentation of the functionalities

  • Documentation of key functionalities
  • Breakdown of functionalities into smaller elements (how they should work and their implementation process)
  • Workshop and identification of whether the list of functionalities is properly specified
  • Comparison between requirements and UX/UI

Setting up workflow and tech stack

  • Recommendations of workflow
  • Order of requirements execution
  • Recommendation of additional solutions which can improve the performance of the product
  • Identification and recommendation of Front-End solutions

Identification of components

  • Verification of ready to use extensions implementing desired functionalities
  • Verification of outside libraries needed for implementation
  • Defining external services needed for the operation of the website
  • Report of components

Scope of work and cost estimation

At Hatimeria our senior developers and tech leaders have years of experience in the discovery phase. Just ask us!

Discovery phase

The are a lot of benefits from the discovery phase:

You will set a business goal

You will build a market-driven product

You will avoid unnecessary costs

You will create a great user experience

You will streamline work processes in the company

You will increase ROI

You and your development team are on the same page before work begins

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