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Why Core Web Vitals Optimization is Crucial for E-commerce Performance?

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, everything changes rapidly. Customers have new needs, technology evolves, and competition grows. That's why Core Web Vitals Optimization is essential to keep up and not fall behind.

This is all about making regular improvements to your store's design, functionality, and content to enhance user experience, conversion rates, and overall business performance.

Website performance isn't a one-time job!

To keep your site fast and efficient, your entire team, including marketing, must prioritize performance. Regular optimization is key to running smoothly and staying ahead of the competition. Discover why Core Web Vitals Optimization is crucial for e-commerce performance:


Keeping Up with Customer Behavior Changes

Customer habits are constantly evolving. New technologies, trends, and economic conditions impact how they use online stores. With Core Web Vitals optimization, Hatimeria can monitor and analyze these changes in real-time to react quickly. For example, if more people are shopping on their phones, optimizing the mobile experience is a no-brainer.


Enhancing User Experience (UX)

To keep customers coming back, they need to have a great experience on your site. Continuous optimization means improving navigation, speeding up the site, personalizing content, and ensuring a responsive design. Regular updates make your store user-friendly and engaging, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion chances.


Increasing Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a key part of continuous store optimization. By testing different elements of your site-like product pages, checkout processes, and CTA buttons-we can find the best ways to convert visitors into buyers. A/B testing, heatmaps, and user feedback are invaluable here. Small changes can lead to big improvements.


Staying Competitive

E-commerce competition is tough. Core We Vitals optimization helps you stand out with better functionality, unique features, and a great shopping experience. By keeping an eye on trends and tech advancements, you can implement innovations that attract customers. This proactive approach is key to staying ahead and building loyalty.


Improving SEO and Organic Reach

SEO is crucial for attracting organic traffic. Core Web Vitals optimization means regularly updating content, improving site structure, and enhancing metadata. Search engines favor sites that offer great user experiences, are mobile-friendly, and have fresh content. This boosts your search rankings and increases visibility.


Maximizing Marketing ROI & Monthly Payback with Extra Savings

E-commerce businesses spend a lot on marketing to drive traffic. Core Web Vitals optimization ensures that landing pages, product descriptions, and the overall site experience are set up to convert this traffic. Aligning marketing efforts with an optimized store maximizes ROI, driving revenue growth.


Supporting Scalability

As your e-commerce business grows, your site needs to scale to handle more traffic and products. Core Web Vitals optimization supports this by ensuring your site’s infrastructure, performance, and UX can handle growth without quality issues. This prevents problems like slow loading times and outdated content that can hurt growth and customer satisfaction.

Core Web Vitals: Impact on SEO and CTR

Impact of core web vitals

Source: Google Search Console

Thanks to passing Core Web Vitals, positions are on average 1-2 places higher and traffic is 20% higher.

Store Performance Analysis

Core Web Vitals:

Achieving better Core Web Vitals scores will make your platform more visible on Google, attracting more customers and increasing brand recognition.


Optimizing performance will ensure smoother and hassle-free shopping experiences, positively impacting loyalty metrics and the overall business value of your store.

Organic Traffic:

Increased organic traffic will result in lower customer acquisition costs and a higher return on investment (ROI) in the long term.

How Hatimeria Helps Optimize Your Store

At Hatimeria, we specialize in Core Web Vitals optimization to increase sales & develop your e-commerce.

Our team of experts works closely with you to identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies to boost your store's performance. Here's how we help:

Performance Monitoring:

We continuously monitor your site's performance to ensure it's always running smoothly and efficiently.

User Experience Enhancements:

Our team works on improving site navigation, speeding up load times, and ensuring a responsive design to enhance user experience.

SEO Optimization:

We regularly update your site's content, structure, and metadata to improve your search engine rankings and organic reach.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

We conduct A/B testing, analyze heatmaps, and to find the best ways to increase conversions.

Scalability Support:

We ensure your site can handle growth in traffic and products without compromising performance or user experience.

Tailored Strategies:

We develop and implement customized strategies that align with your business goals and market trends.

Want to Calculate Your Store's ROI?

Learn how Hatimeria can help optimize your e-commerce site!

Hatimeria's Core Web Vitals Optimization Process


You get daily monitoring of Core Web Vitals metrics

(CLS, INP, and LCP).
This ensures your site is always performing at its best, keeping your users happy and engaged.


We take immediate actions to improve your metrics

Fast fixes keep your site quick and reliable, so users don't leave your store.


Your progress is tracked to see how changes impact these metrics

This way, you can see the direct benefits of optimizations and ensure continuous improvement.

Every day without passing Core Web Vitals means losing money on lower organic search traffic and higher costs for Google Ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)?
Quick loading of the largest elements on the page (e.g., product images) is crucial. Users quickly decide whether to stay on a site. If elements take too long to load, they might abandon their purchase.
What is INP (Interaction to Next Paint?
In e-commerce, the speed at which a site reacts to user interactions is important. This includes actions like adding products to the cart or navigating the site. If the site responds slowly, users might get frustrated and leave, reducing conversions.
What is CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)?
Visual stability of a site is essential for users to easily browse and purchase products. Unexpected shifts in layout can lead to accidental clicks, causing users to lose trust in the site and negatively impacting sales.

Why choose Hatimeria?

All-Inclusive Service:

You get complete support from start to finish, with all responsibilities managed for you.

ROI Reporting:

See your return on investment clearly through increased revenue and lower customer acquisition costs.

Minimal Disruption to Your Team:

Your developers stay focused on their work while Hatimeria’s experts handle the continuous store optimization.

Transparent Costs:

Costs are always presented alongside ROI to ensure you see the profitability.

Flexible Integration:

Easily integrate with various SaaS platforms (like Shopify/BigCommerce and many more), with all communication handled for you.

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What are the next steps?


NDA: Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (optional).

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Data: Give us access to Google Search Console and Analytics.

Letting us access these tools helps identify how to boost your site's performance.


ROI Calculation: Get a tailored strategy with clear estimates.

See exactly how Hatimeria’s continuous store optimization will increase your e-commerce revenue and reduce costs.


Start Collaboration: Begin working with us.

Kick off the project and start seeing improvements with our e-commerce optimization strategies. This is where all the magic happens. ;)


Results: Better performance and higher ROI in 2-3 months

Quickly see the benefits of continuous store optimization in your business metrics.

Core Web Vitals Optimization Details:


Traffic Optimization:

We optimize traffic for clients, whether they have a few thousand or over a million Google visits per month.


Cost Structure:

Monthly fee consisting of a fixed payment and a success fee based on achieving KPIs.


Starting Price:

From 700 euros / 3000 PLN per month.


Contract Terms:

Cancel anytime with a month's notice, and the costs are covered by increased traffic/orders.

Core Web Vitals Optimization - Success Stories


A client’s e-commerce site was slow, unresponsive, and had shifting elements, causing high bounce rates and low conversions.

Our Solution:

We targeted three key CWV metrics:

  • Faster Page Loading (LCP): Optimized images, streamlined code, and leveraged caching.
  • Better Responsiveness (INP): Improved server response times and minimized JavaScript execution.
  • No Jumpy Elements (CLS): Fixed unstable elements and ensured predictable resource loading.


  • 24% Increase in Views
  • 20% Increase in Clicks
  • Hundreds more customers every week
24% more views
24% more views
20% more click
20% more clicks

Source: Google Search Console

SaaS Model - Core Web Vitals Optimization for


Sensu needed to improve site speed, responsiveness, and search engine visibility to drive traffic and revenue.

Our Solution:

Partnering with AtomStore, we:

  • Evaluated's current e-commerce effectiveness.
  • Identified key elements for improvement.
  • Implemented changes and subsequent updates.
  • Measured, analyzed, and verified final results.


  • 4x more Google clicks
  • 2.2 seconds faster load time
  • 163 milliseconds better mobile response
  • 600% revenue increase

These case studies show how Hatimeria's continuous store optimization can transform your site and massively boost your revenue.
Before optimization
After optimization

Source: Google Search Console

Read the full case study

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Grzegorz SosurSensu

Grzegorz Sosur

Co-owner, Sensu

A rating of excellent is too low to sufficiently emphasize their commitment, professionalism, and great technical expertise. The business result is more than satisfactory, and we definitely exceeded all KPIs. Noteworthy is their almost immediate response to needs and recommendations, communicated optimally for both non-technical people and IT team members.

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