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When to Consider a Fractional E-commerce Manager?

  • As a CEO, Sales Director, or Senior Management member, you may see gaps in your team's e-commerce skills that could hold back sales goals.
  • A Fractional E-commerce Manager is your go-to solution when your company needs help with new challenges or wants to grow into new markets or launch new products or services and ecommerce expansion strategy.
  • With rapid business growth, it's hard to manage everything effectively. Hatimeria’s Fractional E-commerce Manager, can provide the support you need to stay in control and keep moving forward.
  • Flexibility

    Why should you explore Poland as your next e-commerce expansion destination?

  • Poland is the 2nd fastest-growing online market in Europe, making it an ideal destination for entering the Polish e-commerce market.
  • As of October 2023, online sales made up about 9% of total retail sales in Poland, with the average monthly spending per online consumer at 573 PLN (about 133 EUR) (source: Gemius E-commerce Report 2023).
  • Projections from Statista show promising growth, with the online sales market projected to increase from $11.72 billion in 2023 to $20.46 billion by 2029—a significant 75% rise over six years.
  • Flexibility

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    What do they say about us?

    Marcus ForsbergBedre Naetter

    Marcus Forsberg

    Head of Ecommerce - Bedre Nætter

    Our main goal was improving PageSpeed metrics to match customer needs. The development of it has been without any major obstacles and was handled in a great and professional way by Hatimeria.

    Kristoff AlbaneseGraduationSource

    Kristoff Albanese

    Ecommerce Director - Graduation Source

    Hatimeria generated 1%-2% higher conversion rates and revenue increased by $210,000 over the year. The site speed is also much faster than before. Overall, Hatimeria's work has been excellent and stakeholders are pleased with their outstanding performance and programming expertise.

    Grzegorz SosurSensu

    Grzegorz Sosur

    Co-Owner - Sensu

    A rating of excellent - is a bit too low to sufficiently emphasize their commitment, professionalism and great level of technical expertise. The business result is more than satisfactory to us and we've certainly demonstrated success across all KPIs. What is worth noting is their almost immediate responses to needs and recommendations communicated in an optimal and understandable way for both non-technical people and IT team members.

    Martin ZahuranecEyerim

    Martin Zahuranec

    CEO - eyerim

    We receive very positive feedback from our day-to-day users. Even though they are unaware of what is going on in the backend, they appreciate the speed and the simplistic design of the website that we have built. When it comes to experts, we are also getting positive reviews of the website as well. Our Google support team is very happy when it comes to conversions.

    We are a member of SoDA, the largest Polish IT organization.

    Adobe Professional

    Why Hatimeria:

    Hatimeria, with over 13 years of coding expertise, provides comprehensive e-commerce solutions. From Adobe Commerce to Shopify, we assist clients in developing their e-commerce ventures, crafting apps, enhancing page speed, and expanding into new markets. With a strong commitment and business-focused approach, we cover all global e-commerce development solutions for online stores.
    Hatimeria people

    Meet Your Fractional E-commerce Manager - Michał Śliwa

    With over 20 years of e-commerce experience, Michał has been immersed in the industry since 2003. His expertise as an E-commerce Project Manager spans platforms such as Shopify, Magento, AtomStore, and Baselinker. Additionally, he serves as a trusted B2B Consultant for Foreign E-commerce Market Entry in Poland. Through managing his own online store MikeSport and consulting endeavors, Michał has acquired extensive knowledge in all aspects of e-commerce.
    Michal Sliwa

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