Our work

The best way to prove our skills is by looking at the results of our work. In the last few years, we have developed a significant customer base, building shops all over the world. From Europe to the US and even the UAE, our customers are everywhere. From Brand stores to wholesalers, B2C or B2B, Enterprise level or start-ups, our developers have built them all.

We are very proud of each shop we build, but we are even more proud of the results we managed to establish with our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot share the names of some of our clients, but please have a look at those cases we can share with you.

Case Study

Eyerim.com: UX case study

How we increased the quality of an ecommerce solution by making the page faster and improving the UX & UI at the same time.

The Rake Case Study

Well-tailored code for the exclusive brand.

Magento Migration

A comprehensive walkthrough

Apple Pay

A way to increase your sales

Bedre Nætter hyva

The new frontend with Hyvä Themes